Artificial Intelligence

Reduce inventory holding costs, improve cash flow and supply chain visibility, and increase the productivity of inventory analysts. C3.ai Inventory Optimization applies advanced machine learning to analyze variability in demand, supplier delivery times, and quality issues to build real-time recommendations and monitoring, so users can set optimization by confidence level and receive real-time notifications and root-cause analysis. C3.ai Inventory Optimization aplica el machine learning avanzado para analizar la variabilidad en la demanda, los tiempos de entrega del proveedor y los problemas de calidad para crear recomendaciones y monitoreo en tiempo real, de modo que los usuarios puedan establecer la optimización por nivel de confianza y recibir notificaciones en tiempo real y análisis de causa raíz.

Leverage AI/machine learning to create an anticipatory approach to shopper needs and preferences that transforms their omnichannel experiences. C3.ai CRM delivers AI-generated forecasts and personalized services in real time using insights from multiple data sets.

Reduce energy costs and improve building operations through real-time tracking, analytics, and optimization. C3.ai Energy Management uses machine learning techniques to enable accurate forecasting, benchmarking, building optimization, demand response, and anomaly detection to lower costs, improve operations, and meet energy- efficiency goals.

Augmented Reality

Insider Navigation

Indoor positioning and dynamic navigation

Insider Maintenance

Guided and regular maintenance inspections, provide information related to the inspections, location-based content, and time record of tasks carried out in the application.

Insider Expo

Navigation, mapping, and location, connect exhibitors with visitors, advertising, and new products.

Insider Warehousing

Ensure the proper collection and distribution of a product, inventory improvement, barcode scanner, documentation process, and reduce errors.

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