ARPM in the industry
of Oil&Gas


Downtime cost

Excessive training and labor costs

Difficult moving from one place to an object, equipment and machinery damaged (Navigation problems)

Extreme safety risks

Problems with maintenance and process data collection

Compliance and security challenges

$38 million per year costs on unplanned outages


  • Maintenance system access
  • Indoor and outdoor placing of markers
  • Mapping of the entire Installation

Insider Navigation

  • Rapid path creation to a defective object
  • Accurate equipment data collection during a uncontrollable and unexpected event
  • Induction time reduction for new employees and external people (customers, providers, etc.)
  • Downtime reduction during maintenance
  • Compliance and security challenges


  • Inactivity prevention
  • Time and labor cost reduction by at least 20%
  • On average, 30% of improvement in planning and cost reduction
  • Total cost saving: $12.4M per year


  • Time saving
  • Error prevention
  • Cost saving on:
    • Training
    • Time of inactivity (downtime)
    • Maintenance
    • Compliance
  • More efficient employees
  • Risks reduction
  • Improvement in the crisis management process
  • More accurate maintenance data

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